Monday, October 17, 2011

County Fair

I hadn't been to the Fair since I was... 11? A very long time. I went with some family + friends and it was so much fun!
Fun! Get it?
 We got lemonade from a lemon shaped building
Amanda purchasing the lemonade from the nice lady in the lemon building

We saw goats sitting on top of chickens
A rabbit hissed at me
The Bunny mid hiss

I rode a Ferris Wheel for the the first time!
I instagramed this from the top! It's blurry because the thing never stopped! Just kept going around and around and around...

I love all the lights on the rides. I said that night, "Life should look like this all the time."  It's so very pretty.
Amanda and I. Being cute.
I'm contemplating my $5 Cotton Candy

I'm not even close to finished with all the pictures I snapped that night, but if I waited too long, I'd probably forget to even do a post about it!
I've been having a very nice last week of teendom. This birthday is wigging me out more than turning 10 did! I usually say age is just a number, but it's very different when the number is yours!
Well, I've got some pins to make and an Etsy store to update.
How cute are the baby chicks?

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  1. I just love fun fairs! And you're right these lights are very beautiful! xx