Friday, November 9, 2012

November 9th

Oh my goodness, Blogger Friends. September 18th? That was when I last posted? Oy vey. I'm so sorry. I feel so bad about neglecting my tiny corner of the internet. I really loved blogging. This year has really taken a lot out of me. A little over a month ago my Mom broke her foot, so life has been crazier than usual. More bad things have happened since I posted, the biggest being my Mom's surgery and subsequent trips to the doctor and what not, but there have been some good things, too. I turned 21! Yay! I've discovered new Kpop bands and there have been new songs released by bands that I already loved. Coco and Duckie is all decorated for Christmas and we started advertising on A Beautiful Mess! That may not seem like a big deal, but I love that blog so much and it makes me so happy seeing our logo on Elsie's blog ^^
I don't have proper time for a blog post today, I just thought I'd come around again to let ya'll know I'm still alive and I have both my feet (currently)!
Thank you to those who still read this!
Later, Ducks.

P.S. To celebrate my 21st birthday, albeit belatedely, here is my favorite 2ne1 song.