Monday, October 10, 2011

Christmas Waltz

Christmas is still another 75 days and 12 hours away, but it's never too soon to start planning!
She & Him is releasing their first Christmas CD on the 24th (I'm super excited. It's going to be my birthday present to myself.) and they just released a sneak preview/first listen of one of the songs on the album!
  She & Him - The Christmas Waltz by MergeRecords

Happy Monday!

P.S. If you read my FFF #4 post, this isn't the big announcement I talked about... It's still not quite ready...


  1. I love She & Him! I will definitely buy the new christmas album! :)

  2. I stumbled on to you via instagram and I loved your pictures and now your blog ..... all in all good Saturday night! Now excuse me while I check out your etsy shop ... no worries not stalking but Christmas is my favorite day of the year!

  3. Thanks, Johanna! Please, peruse away!

    Sarah, only another 7 days until She & Him Christmas-sy goodness!