Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pretty, Pretty Shoes

I love these shoes.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Character Interaction Game

I got this fun little game from my friend Natasha Brainsample.
So here goes!

Character 1: Puck from The Sisters Grimm Series
Character 2: Madeline from the Madeline Books
Character 3: Eloise from Eloise at the Plaza
Character 4: Dodge from The Looking Glass Wars trilogy
Character 5: Robin Hood from … really? You don’t know the answer?
Character 6: Percy Jackson from The Percy Jackson series
Character 7: Hareton Earnshaw from Wuthering Heights
Character 8: Imogen from Cymbeline
Character 9: Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle
Character 10: Georgia Nicolson from Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging

Now answer the following questions, based on the characters you wrote down above. Absolutely no going back to change the characters you've chosen!

Characters 4 through 10 are on Survivor. Who gets voted off the island first? Definitely Georgia.

What are the chances of characters 1 (Puck) and 8 (Imogen) falling in love with each other? Nonexistent.

Character 2(Madeline) and character 3(Eloise) get into a cat fight. Who wins and why? Oooh… That is tough. I’m going to say Eloise.. I don't think Eloise would fight fair, which would give her an advantage.
Of the other nine characters, who is character 7 () most likely to have a crush on? Hmm.. I guess Imogen.

What would happen if character 4 (Dodge) got turned into a vampire? Um.. Well… I guess the fight against the Red Queen would be a bit easier.

Two of the characters are twins separated at birth. Which two are they? Howl and Eloise. They are both very girly. Although Howl cares more about his hair than Eloise does…

Characters 1(Puck), 2(Madeline), 3(Eloise), and 9(Howl) are stuck in an elevator. What do they do to pass the time? Haha… Best elevator ride ever! Let’s see.. Puck would probably fly out through the shaft.. Eloise would try to follow… And Madeline would braid Howl’s hair.

What would happen if character 8(Imogen) and character 5(Robin Hood) were roommates? Well… Imogen would probably become one the Merry Men? I don’t really know… Sorry. This is an incredible lame answer!

What do character 10 (Georgia Nicolson) and character 6 (Percy Jackson) have in common? They are both teenagers.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I wish a Circus or Carnival would come through town...

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