Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Last Sunday was a very good day.
I went shopping with my Mum and sister.
I got a pretty pair of shoes.

I found out I've been wearing Chucks that were 2 sizes too big for me for 6 months shy of a decade.

I got Kate Spade socks.

Yes. A good day indeed.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Youth Sounds "Favors"

I don't know if I've ever told you guys this, but my friends are Pop Stars.
Or they should be. I'm friends with the creator, writer, lyricist, former drummer/current bassist of the band Youth Sounds. I've known Federico for awhile now and actually their first EP, The Bit Parts, the cover art is a picture I took and edited of my sister!
They are going to be releasing their first full length album this Fall, but they need your help.

Another fun tidbit, the album cover is one of my photos and I did the lettering! Schweet!
I'd love to know if any of you pledge, every little bit helps! 
Cheers, Madeline

P.S. Here's a link to the Kickstarter. Details! Also, since this blog has just had a bunch of advertising on it lately, I feel like I should give back some. If you pledge to Youth Sounds, any amount, comment on this post and I will draw on a photograph for you and send it to you. Isn't that an awesome prize!! ;)
Later, Ducks.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shop With Me?

How was your weekend?
Mine was rather fantastic. I hung out with some friends. Ate a lot of Easter Candy. Watched some Kdrama (Boys Over Flowers). Oh, and my friend, Melinda, she gave me a Mockingjay pin!
She also gave me the Bunny finger puppet. I named him WooBin.

I think we're going to finish Boys Over Flowers in May... Have to find approx. 24 hours straight that everyone can devote to watching lovely Korean boys get into hijinks. *sigh*

Also, you may have noticed the new little box to the right of the screen. I just started selling my photography on Society6! I've been wanting to add prints to my Etsy shop for awhile, but I haven't had time to order tests to figure out who makes the best prints at the best price, etc.
I discovered Society6 this morning, set up an account, got verified and now you can buy my photography! It was so simple! Now I want to go take more pictures!
Ok, I've got to run.
Have a lovely Tuesday!

P.S. Do you know of any really awesome people on Society6? I'm looking for more people to follow and I would love it if you'd share links in the comments!

Friday, April 13, 2012

FFF #13: Walk, Don't Run

Oh, if only I could have lived in Tokyo in the 60's... With Cary Grant.

George Takei!

I think the director of photography did a lovely job.

Jimmy? How'd you get in this movie?

P.S. Does anyone else think it's weird that the last FFF I did was on Friday the 13th, too?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coming Soon...

I'm going to New York in 56 days.
I am so excited.
We've got a list that is probably as long as my arm of places to go and things to see.
Some of the things on the top of my list:
1. Laduree - Until I get to Paris, I will have to be satisified with going to Laduree in NY. So sad. ;)
2. How To Succeed In Business Without Even Trying - Favorite. Broadway Show. Ever.
3. Kunokinaya - I plan on picking up quite a few issues of Dolly Dolly and Dollybird.
4. Books Of Wonder - Probably the best book store ever.
5. Macbar - They only serve Mac N' Cheese, who wouldn't be excited?
6. Meeting Anita + Seeing Jess (Sorry ya'll are no. 6 .. You've got to admit, the first 5 things are pretty spectacular though.)
7. Harvey with Jim Parsons
8. Central Park
9. Amanda is making us coordinate our clothes for the trip and we have certain patterns we've to wear everyday. So far I know there is going to be a polka dot day, a gingham day, a stripe day, a star day (I'm not sure what I'm going to wear for that one), and I think a plaid day. We've got to work out the rest of the details.

Ok, the list is long enough as it is. I'm really just excited about the trip as a whole. We're going to be spending 8 days in one of the best cities ever. It's going to be lovely.

Well, I guess I should get to work so I can afford to go to NY!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello, April!

Oh my goodness... The first 7 days of April... Were awful.
It wasn't any one thing, just a bunch of small incidents that added up to a case of the mean reds and hankerings for ice cream. The 8th day though... The 8th was pretty spectacular. I spent Easter with my Mom and sister. We had Lox (mine with bagels, theirs with coleslaw.) for Brunch and then we spent most of the afternoon walking around and window shopping. We finished the day by getting Pho and Spring Rolls at an adorable little Cafe and seeing "Mirror Mirror" which may be my new favorite movie.

The movie was adorable and beautiful and funny and wonderful. The costumes, the scenery.. Ugh.. There are a lot of movies that I wish I could live in and this movie has just joined that prestigious group. ;)
Who wouldn't want to live in a kingdom where everyone sang and danced all the time, because apparently no one had a job. Hahaha... That will be funnier once you've seen the movie.
Alright. I best get back to listing hats in my Etsy store.
G'night, Ducks!