Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Bastille Day!

This has probably been the best Bastille day ever. Ever.
We saw "Midnight in Paris" which was FANTASTIQUE*!

 The trailer did not do it justice. It was so pretty and imaginative and very, very happy. Rather odd for a Woody Allen movie. We saw it at this ritzy little theater with reserved seating and really good Dr Pepper.

This is my sister, Amanda. Have you met?

We were going to go see the midnight showing of Harry Potter, but unfortunately those plans will not becoming to fruition. Instead, my friend Larissa showed me this video

I don't know if I'll even need to see the movie now.  I can't even pick a favorite moment they are all so good.

We are going to spend what is left of the evening watching French movies. I see Heartbreaker, Un Femme Est Une Femme and Amelie in my future! (I should have packed some Demy!)

*I have taken a vow this evening to speak in a very cheesy French accent until Midnight. I wish you could hear it... Actually... I probably don't. Just for laughs though, you can go back and re-read this post with a phony French accent. Replace all T-H sounds with Z's and so on.

P.P.S. I'm having to write this on my sister's Mac because my laptop isn't working and it is weird. I am a PC and I am not adjusting well! ;)


  1. Hahaha sometimes me and my sister talk in a phony french accent as well (there is a lot of 'oui' and 'oh' going on in between sentences). So funny we are not the only ones :D (although it is Dutch with a French accent, which might sound even weirder)



  2. Oi. Fake French accents... Gotta love 'em! In my head I rather sounded like Jerry Orbach in "Beauty in the Beast". Based on everyones reaction to my accent, I think it was all in my head. ;)