Sunday, July 31, 2011

20 Silly Things

So, Nina did a post like this the other day and she linked to Katiecupcake and it all seemed like so much fun, I decided to do one, too! I didn't think coming up with 20 things would be so hard! 

20 Silly Things about me.

1. I've never been on a Ferris Wheel.
2. My hair is the longest it's ever been. It falls all the way down my back. I think I want to chop it off and get a perm.
3. I love super hero comic books. I used to read them all the time. My favorite was Teen Titans.
4. I have flat feet.
5. Two of my favorite words are Vodka and aristocracy. They're fun to say.
6. I tend to randomly break out into either British or Russian accents.
7. Walt Disney is my role model.
8. Batman is my other role model.
9. I tend to hate female characters in books and relate better to male protagonists.
10. I love glitter. A lot.
11. I used to be super organized when I was a kid and would re-arrange my toys for fun.
12. Jay Baruchel is my fake boyfriend
13. I learned to ride a bicycle when I was 15 or 16... I can't remember for sure. I haven't really ridden one since.
14. I want a rickshaw or golf cart that I will decorate with vintage floral fabric and pom poms.
15. I want to be a crazy old lady with a Monkey named Jimmy Stewart when I grow up.
16. I want a bedazzled eye patch
17. I have a bedazzler, but I can't figure out how it works.
18. I've always wanted a croquet set made out of colorful hedgehogs and flamingos.
19. If I could wear frilly prom dresses everyday, I would.
20. When I was little, I would introduce myself as Madabubble.

Well... I'm sleepy. Tomorrow and Monday are going to be busy, busy, busy. I should sleep while I can!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me! :)
    I also didn't think that it would be so hard finding 20 silly facts! haha But it's still fun! :) I really like you 20 silly facts! So fun!

    I hope you have a nice week! I will send your giveaway today! :)

    xoxo, Sarah