Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shop With Me?

How was your weekend?
Mine was rather fantastic. I hung out with some friends. Ate a lot of Easter Candy. Watched some Kdrama (Boys Over Flowers). Oh, and my friend, Melinda, she gave me a Mockingjay pin!
She also gave me the Bunny finger puppet. I named him WooBin.

I think we're going to finish Boys Over Flowers in May... Have to find approx. 24 hours straight that everyone can devote to watching lovely Korean boys get into hijinks. *sigh*

Also, you may have noticed the new little box to the right of the screen. I just started selling my photography on Society6! I've been wanting to add prints to my Etsy shop for awhile, but I haven't had time to order tests to figure out who makes the best prints at the best price, etc.
I discovered Society6 this morning, set up an account, got verified and now you can buy my photography! It was so simple! Now I want to go take more pictures!
Ok, I've got to run.
Have a lovely Tuesday!

P.S. Do you know of any really awesome people on Society6? I'm looking for more people to follow and I would love it if you'd share links in the comments!

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