Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello, April!

Oh my goodness... The first 7 days of April... Were awful.
It wasn't any one thing, just a bunch of small incidents that added up to a case of the mean reds and hankerings for ice cream. The 8th day though... The 8th was pretty spectacular. I spent Easter with my Mom and sister. We had Lox (mine with bagels, theirs with coleslaw.) for Brunch and then we spent most of the afternoon walking around and window shopping. We finished the day by getting Pho and Spring Rolls at an adorable little Cafe and seeing "Mirror Mirror" which may be my new favorite movie.

The movie was adorable and beautiful and funny and wonderful. The costumes, the scenery.. Ugh.. There are a lot of movies that I wish I could live in and this movie has just joined that prestigious group. ;)
Who wouldn't want to live in a kingdom where everyone sang and danced all the time, because apparently no one had a job. Hahaha... That will be funnier once you've seen the movie.
Alright. I best get back to listing hats in my Etsy store.
G'night, Ducks!

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