Friday, December 9, 2011

Favorite Film Friday #8: Bachelor Mother/ Happy 9th Day of Christmas!

This (to me) is a sign that the next 2 hours or so of your life will be enjoyable.

I love this movie. It’s so silly. In that way most movies from the 30’s/40’s are. It’s about Polly Parrish, a girl working at Merlin’s Department Store.

She's fired after working there for about 3 weeks and on her way back from her lunch break, she witnesses a woman abandoning a baby on a doorstop, and things only get worse from there.

Everyone assumes the baby is hers (who wouldn’t?) and so, she gets her job back at Merlin’s and with it, the attention of David Merlin, the son of the John B. Merlin, her boss. 

I love Ginger Rogers. 

I love David Niven.

I love Ginger Rogers and David Niven together. 

This movie is adorable and zany and everytime I  watch it, I enjoy it more than the last.  I always watch it this time of year since it takes place between Christmas and a little after New Year's.
It was actually remade into a musical starring Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher in the 50’s. It’s pretty cute too, but as per usual, I think the original is better.

Happy Christmas!

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