Friday, December 2, 2011

Favorite Film Friday #7: Eloise At Christmastime/ 2nd Day of Christmas!

*sigh* I wish I was a 6 year old girl who lived at the Plaza. Especially at Christmastime.

I think this is the most Christmas-sy movie ever. If you aren't familiar with Kay Thompson's precocious heroine, well... You must have been living under a rock. Eloise is one of my role models. The other one is Batman.

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians!

Mean ol' Mrs. Thornton played by Corinne Conley, who also played the doll in Rudolph!

She is fabulous

This is another movie that I love so much it's really hard to write out what it is I love about it. It's just really Christmas-sy. With a cast including Julie Andrews, Christine Baranski, Gavin Creel, Jeffrey Tambor (Papa Bluth!), and of course, Sopfia Vassilieva as Eloise. If you watch this movie and don't feel excessively full of Christmas cheer afterwards, email me. You probably watched it wrong. ;)

This is how I look once we're done decorating.

Merry Christmas!

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