Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It Rained Today

From one extreme to another! It has been dry, dry, dry here for most of the Summer, and then today not only did it rain, it hailed! I got the super fun experience of running through the hail to get my puppies. I know. You're jealous. ;)
Because I am still wrapped up in awe at all the cool things my phone can do, here is a video of the hail and many instagram photos.
The last time I was in a hail storm, I was... probably 8 and I was at gymnastics class, which took place in a metal building, so it sounded like boulders were being heaved at us. My friends and I ran around like maniacs hiding from the impending doom while our teacher went outside to check it out. He said the hail was about the size of a tennis ball. That was a fun afternoon.

This is after I braved the storm to bring my babies inside. I wasn't very happy. My rain boots took on water.



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  2. Wow... What a difference! But I guess now you have your autumn weather...
    But anyway... I hope you have a nice day!
    xo, Sarah

  3. Hopefully it sticks around! It's been in the 90's lately, so that's a nice departure from the triple digit temps that we had this Summer!
    You have a good day, too! :D