Friday, September 9, 2011

FFF #2: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Georgia. Oh, Georgia.
Yes, she is dressed like a giant olive.

I love this movie.
I love these books.

They are full of wisdomosity and hilariosity. What? You aren't familiar with those terms? You will be if you watch/read Georgia. I think the books (Louise Rennison is a comic genius!) are better than the movie, but isn't that almost always the case?
The movie gets better the more times you watch it. There are a number of, "NO!! Don't do that! It could only possibly end in disaster!!!" moments, but they become more bearable on the second, third, and forty-fifth viewings.

As much as I say only love movies for their looks, I also really love them for their quotes. I quote this movie/books a lot. Soooooo, here are some quotes!

* The pictures don't always correspond with the quote
Angus chasing a poodle.

"They look like giant cheesy puffs!"

"Georgia, it's a boy! Result!"

"Libby, will you stop dressing Angus in drag?"

"You'll soon discover this is a mad house."
Dave the Laugh!!!

"Is my moustache showing?"

"Whatevs. Your Mum's well with it, Minger."
(You really must do the hand gestures with this one.)

"Libby, stop licking Robbie!"

"Georgia, why are your legs so orange?"

"Mum, I really don't need to learn about astronomy right now."
Peter Dyer, a.k.a. Whelk Boy

DTL: You look really gorgeous tonight, Georgia.
G: Thanks. You're really honest.

"You're a heartless user. What you did is just pants that is."
Replacing words with "Pants" is a common occurrence with Dave the Laugh.

"Listen to Dolphins because they are clever and unselfish."

R: I wrote a song about you.
G: Really?
R: It's called, "Bitch in a Uniform"
Tom is much better in the books.
Aaron Johnson's face makes me laugh here.

Have a good weekend!

Book photo via Pinterest

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