Monday, June 20, 2011

Salt-Glitter Blues

Have I mentioned that I've sorta become a huge fan of Supernatural? Really? Once or twice? Well, this DIY post I found on Pinterest combined a new love (Supernatural) with an old love (Glitter!)
I mean, Glitter from salt? Is there a way I could make a career out of that? Oh yes, there is... Glam Demon Hunter! Hahaha (I'm kidding, I have no (current) plans to become a demon hunter)

So, I got my salt

I mixed blue food coloring with the salt

 I spread it out on a pan

I baked it for 10 minutes...And... I got blue salt.

No noticable difference from when I first mixed the color.
Oh well, I learned how to make blue salt and that's a good thing to know for my next Percy Jackson marathon, but it doesn't make demon hunting any more sparkly. It simply wasn't meant to be.
Have you or do you know of anyone who has successfully made glitter from salt? Or is that what it was supposed to look like?
I'd love to know if there truly is a way!
Happy Monday,

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