Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Things

Some things that have come into my life recently...

1. "Supernatural" Seasons 1-5

I found them marked way, way down and have been obsessed with the show ever since! I'm almost done with the 5th season. It's so good!

2. Miss L-Fire heels.

I'm planning on wearing them with this red and white gingham dress to a friends wedding this Summer. Aren't they adorable? I needed a good pair of black heels and these fit the bill!

3. Japanese Tape/Stickers

I've wanted fun tape for a very long time and I finally bit the bullet and got some! I really like the masking sticker set. It's just like the tape, except pre-cut in strips and dots!

Have a great Weekend! I'll be back Monday with a failed DIY post (awesome, right?)

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