Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hey Guys, I went to Prom! The movie that is...

I didn't know how silly the hair tie looked until I got home. Oh well, you live and learn.
We celebrated my friends birthdays by getting all dolled up and seeing the movie "Prom" in theatres. It was an adorabley cheesy movie and we had the theatre to ourselves, which is always the best way to have a theatre.
Unfortunately, most of the pictures were taken on their cameras so I don't have a lot of photos.

Also, the lead girl in the movie, Nova, she had the same purse as me!

It's always fun to see your stuff in movies!


  1. Can I ask....where did you get your purse at? The one that is the same as Nova's in the movie Prom?

  2. It's from Anthropologie, but I got it for my birthday last year. You might be able to find one on ebay or something though.