Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Today is my first real day off in... 3 weeks? It might actually be 2.. I can't remember. Anyways, I have done nothing "productive" today. I've spent most of the afternoon perusing photos on tumblr & weheartit. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I've also been checking out listography. I love that site! Since lists are on my brain, I'm going to make one here!

1. This Blythe girl is on her way from Japan to come live with me. I'm so excited. She's the first Ginger Blythe I've gotten! I haven't picked out her name yet, which is odd. I usually have names picked out before I purchase them.

2. They showed "Tangled" last night in the park and I worked the concession stand. I had so much fun!

3. My Sister told me about Louise Rennison's mini book called "How To Make Any Twit Fall In Love With You". I read it this morning. Fabbity Fab!

4. I really want to get this dress for my Blythes. I actually wouldn't mind having one for myself. I love all of Pomme-Pomme's clothes.

5. The Alice In Wonderland paintings by Emily Martin are making me extremely happy. I pretty much love everything she paints, but these are particularly fantastic.

6. How cute is this picture?

Well, my lunch is almost ready, so I'm going to go read a book and eat some soup!
I hope the rest of your Sunday is wonderful!

Tangled Poster via minimalmovieposters
Sailor Kitten image via weheartit

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