Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Comets, Cupid, and Pie.

I am rockin' out to the "Walk The Line" soundtrack, which I finally got today. I have been feeling very rockabilly-ish as of late. I am also listening to Bill Haley & His Comets. I love them!
So not much has been going on lately (which is why I haven't blogged.)
I just finished watching the "Cupid" series finale. I wish it was coming back. It was like having a brand new rom-com every week. I think tonights episode was my favorite. It was a take-off of "My Fair Lady". Except the girl was from Queens.
I encourage you all to watch the episode. And buy the series on DVD. It was a lite, quirky, uplifting show. So of course, they canceled it. Same story with "Pushing Daisies". *sob sob* I am still not over "Pushing Daisies".
But the Pie Maker will live on! If only in my DVD collection...
Here is the link to the flickr page where I found the "Pushing Daisies" picture
I just figured out how to link things from text. I am so excited! I will have lots of fun with that handy gadget!
And seriously, how could anyone not love "Pushing Daisies"? The 1st season DVD's look like pies! Adorable!
Ok.... Hopefully something exciting will happen soon so I can blog about it. I should have stored up exciting events for when I finally started my blog.


  1. The Pie maker will live on in my heart and my dvd cabinent!!! Viva La Pie! :(

  2. Oh I loved Walk the Line! Now I want to watch it again!