Monday, August 23, 2010

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

I saw this movie today.  I loved it!  It was just fantastic.  The actors were hilarious and oh my goodness, the art direction.  You could have paused the movie just about anywhere and you would be left with a pretty picture.  That is something I look for in movies.  Aesthetics are very important to me.  So I will leave you with some pictures from the movie and a quote (also from the film),
"Talk to the cleaning lady on Monday. Because you'll be dust by Monday. Because you'll be pulverized in two seconds. The cleaning lady? She cleans up... dust. She dusts." ~ Todd Ingram

P.S. Sadly, I couldn't find any pictures that really show off how colorful this film was.  I guess you'll just have to take my word.

Pictures via wehearit


  1. I just remember thinking I liked the girl's hair in the trailers.

  2. Still haven't seen this yet.
    Art Direction is probably the first thing I get excited about when going to the movies.

  3. Then you should love the opening titles!

  4. this is an awesome film!! makes me want to read the comic!


  5. Me too! Once my stack of books to read gets a little smaller, I will probably try to add Scott Pilgrim to it.